Realtime Communication Accessibility Applications

StreamText.Net is the technology that is used to deliver realtime communications as text. Providing effective accessibility to the deaf and hard of hearing has been a goal of StreamText.Net since 2003. Our easy-to-use and integrated solution is designed to adapt to meet almost any accessibility need for realtime communications.

How StreamText.Net works directs the output from realtime transcription providers and publishes the feed on the Internet for customers to view. Our web based caption player is designed to be easy to use and will work in almost any network environment. This allows individuals to view the spoken words from the event in real time. Click here for the player demo.

Where StreamText.Net is used:
Corporate Meetings
Webinars and Webcasts
Conventions and Seminars
Translation Services
Legal Proceedings
Sporting Events
Social Events
Government Meetings
and many more ...

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