Event Management

Easy-to-use Event Management
StreamText.Net is designed to be completely self service. You can schedule and manage your own events once you have set up an account. Through our management tools you can schedule events, manage your writing staff, manage live events, and view event schedules and details associated with your events.

Schedule Events
Scheduling a StreamText.Net event is quick and easy and can created in a matter of seconds.

Manage U
StreamText.Net is a delivery platform designed to work with organizations that have one or multiple service providers.

Automatic Email Notifications
You can configure StreamText.Net to automatically send email notifications to your event viewers and writers. We have a template based system that allows you to create custom email formats.

Event Templates for Repeat Events
For repetitive events, you can create templates to pre-populate fields in the event schedule form. Quick and easy event templates let you configure repeat events with only a few clicks.