StreamText.Net Realtime Player Features

Easy to Use
StreamText.Net is a browser based application and does not require additional plug-ins like Java or Flash to run. Just navigate to the link for your event and start viewing the realtime text stream. It is compatible with all major browsers and even those on some mobile devices like the iPhone™ and later versions of the BlackBerry™.

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Configurable Viewing Preferences
With our easy to configure viewing preferences, you can select a preset theme or customize your own. You can adjust the font size and colors to meet individual viewing needs.

Firewall Friendly
If you can view the Internet, you can view the StreamText.Net player. We are standards HTML based and can work on any standards compliant browser.

Integrated Chat
The chat feature can be used for communications between event participants. As with many of the features of the StreamText.Net real time player, this is an optional feature can be hidden if not needed.

StreamText.Net is compatible with all standards compliant browsers - IE, FireFox, Chrome and Safari
StreamText.Net is standards based HTML and works on all of these browsers. Our text stream is also readable by JAWS and other screen reader packages.

Ability to Change Writers During Event
Seamlessly change writers during a live event. For events that span long periods of time, we offer an easy to use and seamless method to pass control to a new writer. Just click on the event control and select the new writer for the event.

On-demand Video and Atimed Text Generation
StreamText.Net provides the tools to download and synchronize your StreamText transcripts for replay on Windows Media, Quicktime, Real Player and YouTube. Once you have completed an event in StreamText.Net, this file is available for you to output in one of these formats. We also offer a timed text editor that allows you to align time codes and edit the transcript for post production support.